CGI/Perl Support

What is CGI? (common gateway interface)

Can I run CGI scripts on your server?
Yes! Scripts may be run anywhere in your folder, but remember to set the file attributes to execute. To do this in FTP, go into the directory in which the cgi script is located; in your FTP program locate the command line function, and type in SITE CHMOD 755 filename.cgi where filename.cgi is the name of your cgi script. If you have a directory called "cgi-bin" make sure you put an index.html file in there for security purposes.

Where is Perl directory?
Perl is located in usr/bin/perl so you would type
#!/usr/bin/perl into the first line of your script.

Can I run both file.cgi and (Yes)
If you try and run a script called file.cgi without success, try naming the script, and visa versa. Sometimes these little things make the difference.

What is the true unix path?
Note: Each domain set-up on our server is also associated with a site number i.e. site00, 
For some reason, scripts like Matts script archive cgi's sometimes have problems with using 
"/home/sites/" and require the site number.

Find out what your site number is by downloading this CGI variables script, save it as, upload it in ascii to any folder in your domain and set the permissions to 755. Goto your browser and type
and you'll see all the server variables you'll need for installing CGI...

Where is sendmail located?

If you think our server is having problems with CGI, please let us know ASAP.
If you've tried to install a script and can't get it to work, we provide CGI services @ $120.00 per hour. 1/2 hour minimum.

If you have installed your CGI script before and are 100% sure there's an error on the server, we'll take a look and correct it. However, if we find that the problem is in the installation, you'll be charged accordingly.

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